Deciding Whether to Use a Dumpster or a Dumpster Bag

While many will simply rent a dumpster when they have a large amount of garbage to dispose of, your dumpster rental company may also offer dumpster bags as an additional service. A dumpster bag service will deliver bags that you can then fill up with debris. Some services allow you to continually reuse the bags until you have disposed of your debris, while others will come and pick the dumpster bags up for you, taking them away to a nearby landfill. When trying to decide whether you should use dumpster bags or a dumpster, there are a few factors you should consider.

Choose the Option Based on the Size of Your Project

Dumpster bags are ideal for small projects that do not produce a lot of debris. They are great for projects that are too large for garbage bags, but not large enough for dumpsters. A dumpster bag will likely not be sturdy enough to handle large quantities of waste, heavy waste, or waste that has a lot of very sharp edges, with the exception of the most durable bags. There are limits on how large the dumpster bags can be, while dumpsters can come in several sizes.

Consider Whether the Bags Are Reusable

While some dumpster bags are reusable, some are designed to be disposed of. This can increase the cost and waste of the bag. However, since the disposable bags are thrown away, they can be more convenient, especially if whatever you are tossing is very messy.

Factor in the Price

Dumpster bags are cheaper than renting a dumpster, especially if you will not use all of even the smallest dumpster's interior space. However, if you will be using the entire dumpster, the cost of the dumpster relative to the number of equivalent dumpster bags you would need is not that wide.

Determine How Much Space You Have

If you have limited space, you may not be able to fit a dumpster on your property. If you live in an apartment, you may not be able to get permission to have a dumpster placed on the apartment premises. Under these circumstances, it is much easier to find space for dumpster bags.

Consider How Much Time You Have

Companies that offer dumpster bags will usually not have as strict a time limit regarding how long before you have to return the bags. Therefore, if you have a project that could take a while, the dumpster bags might be ideal. For dumpsters, you should really have the garbage ready to be loaded to the dumpster.

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