How To Keep Your Dumpster Secure

Renting a dumpster for home or construction waste is often a good, economical way to dispose of mass quantities of trash. Unfortunately, a dumpster is irresistible to others who want to get rid of their garbage for free, causing you to lose valuable space and costing you money in rental fees. You can take steps to secure your dumpster so that you have full use it.


If possible, place your dumpster in a well-lit area to discourage people from either dumping or diving in it. Putting your dumpster behind a fence is also a recommended measure, particularly if the dumpster is located at your business. If you will only have your dumpster for a short time, consider putting it behind a temporary fence. Although this measure won't keep everyone out, it will discourage many intruders. The harder the dumpster is to see and access, the fewer unwelcome visitors you will have.

Garbage Patrol

You need to check your dumpster every day to make sure no one is illegally dumping their trash into your space. If you see that someone is taking advantage of your dumpster, pull on some gloves and check for any identifying papers. If you find some evidence, call the authorities. That action may seem extreme, but when someone else fills up your dumpster, they are not just causing you inconvenience; they are costing you money.

Lock Down

Whether your dumpster is temporary or permanent, get one with a locking top and keep it padlocked whenever it isn't in use. This step keeps people from illegally using your dumpster while it protects you from "dumpster divers" and others who can be hurt by your dumpster's contents. People are often injured while trying to salvage items, especially building materials. Locking your dumpster also keeps people from dumping unsafe and even illegal items at your home or business. If your dumpster is a permanent one located at your business, consider installing security cameras to discourage criminal use.

Having a dumpster at your home or business can be a necessity to get rid of large quantities of waste products. Unfortunately, other people love to sneak their items into your dumpster and escape paying for their own trash disposal. On the other hand, people also love to dumpster dive in the hope of finding items to sell. You can protect yourself from these opportunists by taking a few preventative steps to keep your dumpster to yourself. For more advice on dumpster security, contact a dumpster provider like Tajiri Demolition & Disposal LLC.