Overhaul Your Yard With Some Simple Landscaping Tips

Summer is the perfect time to really clean up your yard and get rid of trash, debris, and foliage that could be impacting the looks of your landscaping. Cleaning up a yard is not difficult work, but it might be tiring and laborious. Before you take on this chore, consider the following tips to help make it a little easier:

Rent a dumpster- or two. It will make any major clean-up a lot easier to have a dumpster nearby; talk with vendors in your area, like RMS Containers, about delivery and rental rates for these oversized garbage bins. This eliminates a lot of the tedious work involved, such as carrying branches, trash, or debris to the curb for pick up. Most dumpster rental agreements include delivery and disposal of the waste.

Give it a good mowing. After you get rid of the trash and unwanted items, give your lawn a really close mowing. This will create the 'blank-slate' that you want for planning any landscaping, planting, or gardening that you have in mind.

Do something about future weeds. Take care of weeds before they pop up by using some sort of weed prevention. If you have pets or children, you might want to avoid harsh weed-killers; instead, pick up a roll of weed fabric which resembles black or green cloth. This gets laid over the ground, covered with mulch or compost, and prevents weeds from being able to push through the fabric to thrive.

Beautify the bare spots. If you discover bare spots in your yard or are having difficulty getting cover or grass to grow, take time to address this. First, if you have spots in your lawn that are not thriving as well as the rest of the turf, consider adding grass seed. If the spots are large and the yard is unsightly, consider using paving stones or aggregate to create a stone surface that will hide the shoddy sod.

Bring cohesion with borders. Before planting and creating an intricate landscape design, create a cohesive look with borders. Border features in your yard, such as garden beds, stone walls, paths, and even your driveway with plants, stone, or masonry. For instance, use bricks to line the driveway or border your paths with a short, low-growing ground cover.

Make this the summer that you give your yard a makeover. Whether you simply want to clean up from last winter or if you are looking at creative landscape designs, take time to get rid of the debris, mow, weed, beautify, and border your features. This will create the perfect canvas for you to complete your landscaping visions!