What Factors You Should Consider When Renting A Trash Compactor

A trash compactor can help to squish and consolidate the amount of waste that you have, helping you to maximize the amount of waste that can fit into a dumpster or garbage receptacle. Unfortunately, industrial trash compactors can be pricey. If your business could benefit from a compactor, but one does not currently fit within the budget, renting one may be a better choice. However, not all trash compactors are the same.

Proper Disposal Of Construction Materials: Four Things To Consider

Cleaning up after a construction project is complete is an important task you want to make sure you handle properly. This means disposing of materials in the proper container and ensuring that items are properly loaded. Here are a few things you should consider as you prepare for construction cleanup. Rent A Dumpster A dumpster provides a convenient way to dispose of construction material, particularly for large pieces of lumber, concrete, or other bulky items.